Gulfton Complete Communities Action Plan Now Available

The Gulfton Complete Communities Action Plan outlines the vision, policies, goals and projects that have been identified through the complete community planning process. A process that included four large public meetings and a work group meeting. Over 200 community leaders, residents, stakeholders, and partners attended these public meetings, and provided valuable input and guidance. Overall, the goals and projects work towards a vision of a healthier, more resilient, prosperous, and equitable future for the community.


The Gulfton Complete Communities Action Plan establishes as a set of actionable projects, policies and programs that will result in a complete community, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Several projects are now being facilitated by Work Groups who will work directly with City staff to ensure that established benchmarks are achieved. City departments have also been working alongside private and non-profit organizations, as well as residents and businesses, to raise the bar in each neighborhood for implementation of the The Gulfton Action Plan (.pdf) and El Plan de Acción de Gulfton (.pdf)

Neighborhood Profile
Gulfton Super Neighborhood is located just outside of Loop 610, south of US 59 in Southwest Houston. Gulfton is a culturally diverse, international community with over 50 languages spoken and is home to 40,000 residents. Although it includes two small areas of single-family homes, its large apartment complexes dominate the area’s landscape along with scattered commercial and light industrial uses. Most of Gulfton was originally developed as a rural subdivision called Westmoreland Farms. The large acreage parcels and widely-spaced grid pattern of roads made it possible for very large apartment complexes to be built in the area starting in the 1960s.

Often described as the Ellis Island of current time, Gulfton is the most densely populated community in Houston, with about 90 apartment complexes with more than 15,000 units and 71 percent Hispanic residents including immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Although traditionally a Salvadoran and Mexican neighborhood, many immigrants have begun coming from different Latin-American and Middle Eastern countries.

Gulfton is known for its compassion to help new comers into the country, city and area. Gulfton is home to many schools and agencies that provides resources and services to the community.

Coordinating Team

Team Lead: Tonya Sawyer, Planner IV
Abraham Zorilla, Planner I